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If it’s a criminal case, YES! Matt has experience with infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. If your case is something from a traffic ticket to homicide, Matt handles it. See for more information.

Extremely likely. Matt was a government attorney handling criminal prosecution of both misdemeanors and felonies for over five years before switching to criminal defense. He has handled thousands of criminal cases at all types of criminal hearings. He has vast experience in criminal law.

Act quickly! You have 10 days from arrest to request a driver’s license hearing with the Utah DLD. At that hearing the officer will testify as to the events surrounding your stop, arrest, and results of chemical test or that you refused chemical test. You have an opportunity to ask the officer questions. If you do nothing, your license will be suspended for 120 days (if your first DUI in 10 years) and longer if this isn’t your first in 10 years or if you refused a chemical test. If you miss the 10 day window to request your hearing you may not get a chance to keep your license. If you hire an attorney, the attorney can request the DLD hearing and represent you at the hearing (ask the officer questions/make argument on your behalf instead of you doing it yourself).Call Matt to discuss your options. See for more information.

We’ll discuss your charges, the possible penalties if convicted of the charges, range of possible outcomes, the facts (as best you remember them), potential defenses, and we’ll plot a path forward. Matt will answer any questions you may have.

It depends on the type of case and the ultimate goal of the client (plea vs. trial). A trial requires much more time and, as such, the fees are slightly more.  Matt charges flat rates (not hourly fees) and will work with clients on flexible payment plans. Matt strives to keep his fees reasonable by having low overhead costs and will work to negotiate a favorable settlement should you be inclined to resolve your case. You should not forgo quality representation based on ability to pay. Contact Matt, he’ll work with you.

If you were arrested for, received a citation for, or received a charging document for a crime, contact Matt for your free consultation. It’s important for many offenses (DUI especially) to act quickly to protect your rights and minimize consequences. Use the form to contact Matt or email Matt at and he’ll get back to you asap. 

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See For Yourself The Difference It Makes Having A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

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Call or email Matt directly at (801) 916-5227 or Matt offers flat-rate fees and flexible payment plans. Contact him today to see how he can work with your situation.

Hire A Well Respected Former Prosecutor To Represent You

As a former felony and misdemeanor prosecutor, Matt prosecuted all manner of criminal cases and is intimately familiar with the prosecution process. Matt is well respected in the criminal law community and will fight hard to defend your rights.

Experienced Trial Attorney

Matt has taken over 30 cases to trial and has a winning track record. Matt has received past praise from jurors for his advocacy at trial. If need be, you want an attorney who can and will effectively fight for you at trial.

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If you have been charged with a criminal offense, Matt can help. A criminal conviction can have severe consequences for you, including loss of basic civil rights such as the right to possess a firearm or to vote. Depending on the level of your offense, you may face prison time, jail time, significant fines, community service, probation, and other penalties. You deserve an experienced attorney to fight for your rights. Matt knows how to poke holes in the government’s case because he used to be a government attorney.

Experience Matters

Charged with a misdemeanor? Retail theft, speeding, DUI, assault, criminal mischief, etc? Matt has handled thousands of misdemeanor cases from pretrial conferences to trial.

Charged with a felony? Matt has handled hundreds of felony cases. Assault, theft, drugs, weapons, etc.

You want someone who has experience with your type of case. Matt has handled them all.

Former Prosecutor

As a former prosecutor, Matt gained valuable knowledge of the criminal justice system from the government’s point of view. Matt can use this knowledge to develop an effective strategy to fight for your rights. See for yourself the difference it makes having a defense attorney with a prosecution background.


It is a difficult, nerve-wracking time when you are charged with a crime. Matt will do everything in his power to lessen your stress. That begins with being available to answer your questions and explain things in easy to understand terms. Call or email Matt day or night. He’s available to help.

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If you are being investigated for a crime, or have been charged with a crime, call Matt today to schedule a free consultation. You have questions, Matt has answers. Matt offers flat fee, fixed rate pricing, and flexible payment plans to accommodate clients. 

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