Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol And/Or Drugs

Matt has robust experience in DUI cases. Matt began his career prosecuting cases in the Salt Lake City Justice Court, which handles more DUI cases than any other court in Utah. Matt has spent countless hours in trainings and consultations with law enforcement officers regarding field sobriety tests, chemical tests, intoxylizer machines, and many other issues that arise in the prosecution of a DUI case. Matt’s unique experience has positioned him to be able to thoroughly analyze and vet the strength of the prosecution’s case, and expose any weaknesses.

If charged with DUI in Utah you must act fast to retain your driving privilege.  You have 10 days from arrest or citation to request an administrative hearing with the driver’s license division. Matt can represent you at this administrative hearing to defend against the drivers license division taking action against your driver’s license.

If the case against you is filed, Matt has extensive experience dealing with pretrial motions that can have a significant impact on your case, from getting potential evidence excluded from use against you, to having the charges reduced or the case dismissed.

Matt has taken dozens of DUI cases to verdict in jury trials. Matt is unafraid of taking a client’s case to trial and vigorously defending his client’s rights.

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An Arrest for DUI Requires You To Act Quickly To Fight To Save Your Driving Privilege

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