Domestic Violence

A number of crimes in Utah can be designated as “domestic violence.” From assault to electronic communication harassment and numerous crimes in between. This domestic violence “tag” means additional restrictions on the accused (even before trial), and potentially greater punishments if convicted of the crime. An individual may lose the right to own/possess firearms and/or ammunition if they are convicted of certain domestic violence offenses.

An experienced attorney like Matt can walk you through your options and determine an aggressive strategy to protect your constitutional rights.

Matt has extensive experience with domestic violence cases; From the initial investigation of the alleged crime through the conclusion of trial, Matt has seen it all. With your constitutional rights at stake, you want an attorney who knows what he is doing. Matt’s experience will make you confident that you are getting excellent representation from someone who has both prosecuted and defended clients against domestic violence charges.

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Domestic Violence Convictions Carry Serious Consequences. If You've Been Charged With A Domestic Violence Offense, Call Matt To Discuss Your Options.

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