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Matt Brass focuses solely on criminal defense. He has built considerable experience in criminal trials on both sides of the courtroom. Matt began his career in criminal law as a Municipal City Prosecutor in Salt Lake City and went on to prosecuting felony cases as a County Attorney in Davis County. Matt represented Salt Lake City in a multiplicity of cases, including: DUIs, thefts, assaults, domestic violence and other misdemeanor level crimes. He represented the State of Utah in an array of felony cases, including: DUIs, drug possession cases, white collar crimes, aggravated assaults, robberies, burglaries, aggravated arsons, manslaughter, negligent homicides, and other violent felonies. Matt has tried dozens of jury trials and hundreds of bench trials. The perspective he gained by prosecuting crimes in Salt Lake and Davis Counties give him an early advantage in preparing a client’s defense. Matt knows the kinds of evidence law enforcement will gather and how the case will be presented in court. Matt can develop strategies to oppose the case the prosecuting entities structure and diminish the consequences his clients might face.

Matt is dedicated to protecting his client’s rights. His efficacy is the result of his commitment to defending his clients. He recognizes that for some clients, the best strategy may be engaging in negotiations with prosecutors, whereas for other clients, utilizing the adversarial  legal system in a courtroom may be the best option. Matt works knowledgeably and diligently on every client’s behalf, protecting their interests and devising the most effective defense strategy.

Matt was born and raised in Utah. Criminal defense runs in the family; Matt grew up watching his father defend clients accused of wide ranging criminal charges all over Utah. Matt began Matt Brass Law with the intention of running a smaller legal operation in order to provide more personalized attention to individual clients, insuring clients don’t feel marginalized by a corporate law-like atmosphere. Aside from representing clients at Matt Brass Law, Matt is of counsel to his father, Edward K. Brass.

  • Of counsel to Edward K. Brass, practicing criminal defense since 1977
  • Deputy County Attorney, Davis County, Utah
  • Assistant City Prosecutor, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Legal Intern, Salt Lake City Prosecutor’s Office


Gonzaga University School of Law, cum laude


University of Utah; major in history, minor in economics


Matt has tried dozens of cases to verdict at jury trials. Call today for a free consultation.


Domestic Violence


Drug Offenses


Traffic Offenses

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